The newest card in this post is almost 65 years old. So today I present to you today for your enjoyment a small handful of cards that to describe them as well loved would be perhaps accurate, but not tell the whole story.

These cards are from another era. A different time and place. When cards were actually carried in back pockets or put in bike spokes (both unheard of today).

The corners which were once strong and sharp have been beaten back by games of knock-down, topsies, and card scrambles in school yards. Confiscated by moms and teachers. Traded, dropped, forgotten, lost and then found.

But they are survivors. Never thrown out despite much love.

And here they are.

1954 Parkhurst Operation Sea Dog (V339-9)

I mean look at these cards, just amazing. The sentry card has been worn away or cut down so much it’s a shadow of a regular card. 1956 Topps Davy Crockett Orange Back (R712-1)

The Algeria Flag looks like it has been folded in half both horizontally and vertically. Ceylon doesn’t even exist anymore. Algeria and Afghanistan have both updated their flags.

1956 Topps Flags of the World (R714-5)

and you know what. If you can’t look at these cards and just appreciate how cool they are, and how much they bring to the collecting universe then your heart is a cold cold place.

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