If, like me, you are a certain age and remember the 80’s you’ll likely remember how big a deal BMX was for a brief glorious spell. It was everywhere it seemed.

It went from 10speeds and cruisers with Banana seats to BMX BMX BMX everywhere.

I had one, it was from Canadian Tire. I wanted one from the magazines with chromoloy frame and cool wheels.

My brother who was 3 years older could do cool tricks like a bunny hop on his. I couldn’t do anything. I remember he built me a custom one with all kinds of neat parts. I loved it, and then it got stolen outside the hobby store when I was getting the newest D&D update. (Stranger Things is a pretty accurate description of the 80’s with the exception of the demons and stuff)

Anyways, in 1984 Donruss (yes not O-Pee-Chee) issued a set of 59 BMX themed cards.

Many were like this and just showed the bikes themselves.

Some showed famous (for the time) riders and the bikes.

Apparently that is “BMX Action Stunt Pilot & Freestyle Master R.L. Osborn” according to the back of the cards.

Most of the cards are of riders and the bikes doing things that I could never do (except just sit on the bike)

The backs of the cards were pretty informative for the time. So much cool stuff, like jumping TANKS, I mean come on how cool is that.

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