When I was younger and was only worried about the current year cards I used to play knock downs, topsies, bounce back and other card games with my friends to try to win their doubles.

Then I progressed to wanting to keep my cards in good condition,but as a kid that still meant handling them repeatedly, plus dropping them, creasing them and other things kids did with cards.

As I got more serious with collecting I started to demand the best condition I could find and would pass over vintage cards that weren’t perfect with the naive sense that I’ll have a chance to get that card again in better condition.

Well, now that I’m older I find its back to almost a full circle. Condition on vintage is not the most paramount concern anymore. Especially with prices for raw cards the way they are today.

So cards like this….

which would have been shunned in my youth, are now appreciated and welcome 40 years later.

This card looks like it was picked up, traded with friends, stuck in back pockets, dropped and slightly chewed. But you know what. I love it and appreciate in a way I couldn’t as a younger/newer collector.

Many people would chose to skip picking up this card, but guess what I say? I have it and you need it so there!

The front is great. Check out those awesome kneepads. It has alll the key info, name, position, team, team logo.

The back has a comic which I love. and stats, and a bio in both languages. Why can’t they fit all that on a modern card?

And Ted? He was built like a large oak tree.

1969-70 O-Pee-Chee 20/235 for 8.51%


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