It’s a question as old as time. Well, maybe as old as graded cards have been around.

I bought my first graded card at the most recent Sports Card Expo. And now I am having thoughts of cracking it open and freeing it from it’s plastic prison.

Cards, to me, should not be untouched. They should be looked at and held. But then again, this was to me at least an expensive purchase. The single most amount I have ever spent on one card.

Here it is.

The scan is a bit blurry, but the card itself is great. The corners are all a little soft, but not sure why it only got a 3 when it is definitely a 10 for me.

I just can’t see leaving it in its plastic prison. I want to touch it and make it feel real. Right now its too abstract.

It was the most important card of the set, but I still need a couple big ones like the Guy Lafleur RC and a ton of commons.

But I have a Dryden RC and that makes me very happy.

1971-72 O-Pee-Chee Hockey – 72/264 for 27.3%


4 thoughts on “To Crack Or Not To Crack

  1. Crack it open! As you say, don’t leave it in its plastic prison. Anything slabbed I have ever gotten I’ve set free. Isn’t real until its n your hands.

    1. thats a neat idea. one of the reasons i got the slabbed version was i wanted to be more sure that it wasn’t fake and im not as confident with raw vintage.

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